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Forestalia Arapellet | Eramón

Forestalia Arapellet

Welcome to the website of Arapellet and Eramon, two companies of the group Forestalia specialized in the production and sale of wood pellet for large consumers, as well as in sustainable forest management.

Arapellet, holds the largest plant of production of pellets in Spain, located in Erla-Zaragoza. We also have majority shareholding in Ribpellet, located in Huerta de Rey-Burgos,- a reference plant in its sector.

In Eramón we deal with forest management. We provide our customers with wood, sawdust, splinter and biomass, obtained from cleaning, thinning and utilization of mountains. Our main function is to supply raw material to our factories, but we also sell sawn timber to other companies within the timber sector. We manage forestry, buy standing timber to individuals/auctions and have our own equipment for exploitation.

Should you need to buy pellets or want to sell us sawdust, biomass, wood or splinter, do not hesitate to contact us.


Wood Pellets

Pellets ENPLUS A1

15 kg sack

Pellets ENPLUS A1

1000 kg big-bag

Pellets ENPLUS A1

In Bulk

Industrial Pellet

Round wood for sawmills


16 to 25 Dm

Saw Wood

>25 Dm

We buy pine wood, wood chips, sawdust and forest biomass for the pellet factories of the Forestalia Group in Zaragoza and Burgos.

We sell saw wood.

We have our own equipment for felling, loading and transport.


Certificados Forestalia Arapellet | Eramón
Certificados Forestalia Arapellet | Eramón
Certificados Forestalia Arapellet | Eramón

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